Heaven is a free gift- it's not earned or deserved
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O.K .Here we go (start the engine). This is going to be the best news you've ever heard!

        God's word makes it very clear- eternal life is a gift! The following scriptures will prove that. Remember that a gift is never earned by the receiver, or it is not a gift. A gift is earned by the giver! WAGES ARE EARNED BY THOSE WHO RECEIVE THEM. GIFTS ARE EARNED BY THOSE WHO GIVE THEM. Eternal life has been earned by God and is extended to mankind as a gift.
          For the wages of *sin  is death but the gift of God is eternal life.(Rom6.23)
 ......those who receive God's abudant provision of grace and of the gift of righteousness reign in life.....(Rom 5:17)
       Whoever is thirsty, let him come, and whoever wishes let him take the free gift of the water of life. (Rev 22:17)
       Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift! (2 cor 9:15)         
 *sin- disobedience, unrighteousness
  Wages are something you earn- something you deserve. Our sins have earned us spiritual death. If we are to have eternal life we must receive it as a gift -something the GIVER earned for us. This makes it easy for mankind to have eternal life because God has done the hard part and earned this gift for us.
   Let us define this gift of eternal life more clearly.
   God's Word, the new testiment, was written in Greek and has been transelated into many languages from Greek. There are four different Greek words transelated "life" in the New Testiment.
       1st Psuche      -which means natural or human life.
       2nd Blos          -which means manner of life.
       3rd Anastrophe -which means confused behavior.
       4th Zoe            -the life and nature of God, Eternal life!
    Without this ZOE, this life and nature of God, you will never get to Heaven. When the Bible speaks of " eternal life" it is much more than a guaranteed place in HEAVEN. It is having God's own nature implanted in you. This is when God becomes "Father" to an individual. It gives the individual many "right" as a child of God. These many rights apply to life on Earth as well in Heaven.
    ZOE (eternal life)-is something God wants every one to receive so they can use it and enjoy it in this life and be ready for the next life. God does not intend for anyone to go through years on earth trying to earn Heaven by their BLOS (manner of life) or their deeds.

Everlasting life is a gift from God
the sinners prayer
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